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Photo Journal: Catch of the day


An oarfish that was caught in a fixed fishing net in Wakasa Bay is seen at a port in the city of Miyazu, Kyoto Prefecture, on Jan. 11, 2018. The oarfish is 5.15 meters long. The fish was in good condition and its silver body and red fins glimmered. More deep-sea fish have been caught in recent years in winter in the Sea of Japan off northern Kyoto Prefecture. However, fishermen and researchers were surprised at the size of this oarfish, with one saying, "I've never seen such a huge fish." On the morning of Jan. 11, the fishermen saw the fish wriggling like a giant snake when they pulled up their net. The fish was too long to be brought in using a landing net so the fishermen used a hook to lift it. The oarfish was transported to the local Tango Uocchikan aquarium in a refrigerator truck and is scheduled to be displayed in an outdoor pool from Jan. 12 to 14. For inquiries, call Tango Uocchikan aquarium (in Japanese) on 0772-25-2026. (Mainichi)

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