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Tokyo High Court erroneously uploads ruling on sex crime case after similar mistake

The building housing the Tokyo High Court is seen in this file photo taken on Jan. 16, 2017. (Mainichi)

The Tokyo High Court erroneously uploaded a ruling on a sex crime case on a Japanese court website in violation of its in-house rules, it has emerged.

The revelation comes after a similar case, in which the court uploaded a ruling on the defendant in the 2015 murder of a Tokyo high school girl, which should not have been put on the site, and apologized earlier this month.

The appeal court has already taken measures to block access to the ruling on the sex crime case, and is considering offering an apology to the victim.

The high court was remorseful about the mistake. "It's regrettable that a court case that shouldn't have been uploaded ended up going online. We'd like to strive to prevent a recurrence," said Yoshiya Yoshizaki, director general of the court's secretariat.

The erroneous upload of the ruling on the defendant in the murder of then 17-year-old high school girl Kana Iwase in Edogawa Ward in 2015, prompted the high court to thoroughly examine uploading rulings on crime case defendants on the website. The court confirmed at the end of last year that the ruling on the sex crime case was also mistakenly put up on the site.

The bereaved family of Iwase submitted a petition to the Tokyo High Court on Dec. 26, 2017, demanding that a judge at the court be punished for posting a comment on the murder case on his Twitter account, which the family claimed offended them.

The court apologized to the victim's family on Feb. 1 saying, "The ruling shouldn't have been uploaded." However, the court hasn't reached a conclusion on punishment of the judge in question.

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