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Photo Journal: Showing a new face

Tadashi Chihiro, 69, holds up a wooden Nakahama kagura mask that he carved, in Iwanuma, Miyagi Prefecture, on Dec. 15, 2017. Chihiro is a member of an organization trying to preserve the ancient Shinto theater tradition of kagura in the Nakahama district of the town of Yamamoto, but almost all of the items and documents related to the art form were lost in the 2011 tsunami. Relying on group members' memories and the few remaining photos and videos, restoration is progressing. However, the task is not easy. Residents of the district marked as at risk for future water disaster damage have scattered, the remaining population is aging and there is a marked lack of successors. "People are saying that they want to come see kagura," says Chihiro. "I want to hold a performance that we can be proud of as soon as possible." (Mainichi)

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