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Cool pics flow on frozen sea walking tours in Hokkaido

A "frozen horizon," which appears to go on forever, is seen in the town of Betsukai, Hokkaido, on Feb. 27, 2018. (Mainichi)

BETSUKAI, Hokkaido -- Walking tours on the frozen sea along the Notsuke Peninsula here are proving popular with tourists as they use their imagination to take cool photos.

Notsuke Bay, which faces the inner side of the Notsuke Peninsula, is completely frozen in winter. In 2016, the Betsukai Tourist Association started to promote the tours as "walking on the frozen horizon" and the trips have grown in popularity each year. Some 158 people took part in the tours in 2016 after only 17 participated the previous year. The number of visitors increased to 821 in 2017 and so far has surpassed 4,000 in 2018.

Many young visitors enjoy taking creative photos on the ice that they post on social media. A range of wildlife can also be captured on camera on the frozen sea.

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