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Wholesalers conduct 'wet run' trial with forklifts at new Toyosu fish market

Wholesalers drive small forklift "turret trucks" through the access tunnel inside the new Tokyo Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market, in Tokyo's Koto Ward, on May 16, 2018. (Mainichi)

TOKYO -- Seafood wholesalers and other operators held a training session at the new Toyosu wholesale market in the capital's Koto Ward on May 16, in a bid to ensure smooth sailing for the market's October opening as a relocation site for the historic Tsukiji fish market.

This is the second time that mock operations have been run at the new Metropolitan Central Wholesale Market , which is called the Toyosu market for the area in which it is located.

About 2,200 marine product wholesalers, intermediate wholesalers, and authorized buyers and other traders of market-related goods participated on May 16. The previous session took place this January.

The workers practiced how to transport the marine products in and out of the facility on small forklift "turret trucks" that are used in Tsukiji. The trucks were driven through the Toyosu market's access tunnel, and it was confirmed whether or not the trucks could pass each other smoothly in the narrow lanes between the stores on the market floor. The exercise marked the first time the trucks had been used at the Toyosu site.

"We have less than five months before the Toyosu market opens," said Hiroyasu Ito, head of the Tokyo metropolitan association of marine product wholesalers. "We're running slightly behind on our preparations, but we will pick up the pace in order to be on time for the market opening."

(Japanese original by Kentaro Mori, City News Department)

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