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New ribbon-shaped logo released to promote foster-parent system

A new logo for an association promoting the foster-parent system is seen.

TOKYO -- An association promoting the foster-parent system has created a new ribbon-shaped logo designed with pink and light blue string tied together to show human connections.

The group, which consists of prefectural and municipal governments and private organizations, made 2,000 pins with the logo and will provide them to 36 entities belonging to the association.

The association also produced a poster bearing the logo and a catchphrase stating foster parents raise foster children, which society will support, among other items, calling for more help for foster parents who are at times concerned about their relationships with such children.

Under the Japanese foster-parent system, families raise children who are unable to live with their parents for reasons including abuse.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced a plan in 2017 to promote a system where foster parents would raise such children in a home-like environment, rather than having the children placed in welfare facilities. However, public awareness about the foster-parent system is still low.

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