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Mainichi collecting domestic monetary donations for flood-hit western Japan

Children play near an area where huge rocks were left by a landslide, in Hiroshima's Aki Ward on July 8, 2018. (Mainichi)

In response to the widespread flooding and landslide damage due to the heavy rains in western Japan, the Mainichi Newspapers Co. and the Mainichi Shimbun Tokyo Shakai Jigyodan (Mainichi Welfare Foundation) are accepting domestic donations in Japanese yen as "western Japan heavy rain disaster relief donations."

Funds can be sent by postal transfer (yubin furikae) or registered mail for sending cash (genkin kakitome), clearly marked "Gouu Saigai Kyuenkin" (heavy rain disaster relief donations) to the account or address below. Donators are responsible for the transfer or postage fee. Those wishing to donate anonymously must write "tokumei kibo" (anonymity requested).

Donations can be sent to:


Mainichi Shimbun Tokyo Shakai Jigyodan

(Address not required)

Postal transfer code: 00120 0 76498


Other organizations taking online donations:

1) Yahoo! Japan "net donation" (in Japanese)

Funds will be donated directly to local prefectural or municipal governments. Payments can be made by credit card at the following link (Yahoo Japan ID login required):

2) Rakuten Clutch Special Charity Fund (in English)

Payments can be made by credit card at the following link:

3) LINE (in Japanese)

The following is a link to LINE's official blog explaining how to donate via the LINE pay or LINE point system on the smartphone application:

4) CAMPFIRE (in Japanese)

Donations can be made at the following crowdfunding page (a campfire, Facebook or Twitter account is required):

5) Furusato Choice (in Japanese)

The following uses Japan's "hometown tax" system to send money to municipal governments.[]=934&page=1

6) Satofull Co. (in Japanese)

Satofull also uses the "hometown tax" system to deliver monetary aid to municipalities. A Satofull or Yahoo! Japan ID is required to make a donation through the service.


Disclaimer: The donation information on this page is provided for readers' convenience only and The Mainichi Newspapers Co. bears no responsibility for any trouble that may arise between those providing and accepting donations. With the exception of Mainichi Shimbun Tokyo Shakai Jigyodan, The Mainichi Newspapers Co. is not affiliated with any of the organizations listed.

(Current as of July 9, 2018)

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