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Convenience stores to test palm vein authentication for payment

This undated image shows a palm vein authentication device, which will be tested at convenience stores. (Mainichi)

TOKYO -- A test run of a new payment service for convenience stores using palm vein authentication will take place from September, Aeon Financial Service Co. Ltd. announced on July 12.

    Palm vein authentication is a security system developed by Fujitsu Ltd. which recognizes an individual by scanning the veins in the palm. It will enable customers to shop empty-handed after registering their Aeon credit card information and vein patterns. Depending on the results of the experiment, Aeon plans to introduce the new service in fiscal 2019.

    Fujitsu's technology produces about one in 10 million false positives, but customers will be asked to enter a single four digit birthdate after scanning their palm, which will significantly lower the risk of wrongful payment. Scanning takes only around one second.

    About 1,000 staff members from Aeon Co. group companies will participate in the trial, at affiliated Ministop convenience stores in the Tokyo metropolitan area from September through to March 2019.

    "Customers will be able to avoid the trouble of taking out cards and cash from their wallets," a staffer at Aeon Financial Service commented. The worker appeared eager to cooperate with other card companies and introduce the new service to other shops, saying it would speed up the shopping process.

    (Japanese original by Makoto Fukazu, Business News Department)

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