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Designer dining: Turn your food into art with Kewpie 'triple-hole cap' mayonnaise

The "triple-hole cap," which Kewpie is going to introduce for its 350-gram mayonnaise tube from Aug. 3, is seen. (Photo courtesy of Kewpie Corp.)

Kewpie Corp. is set to start using three holes in the cap of its mayonnaise, instead of one, from Aug. 3 so consumers can artistically decorate their food.

    It has been 16 years since Kewpie introduced a new shaped cap and the three holes are each one-third the size of the former hole.

    Kewpie introduced a tube with an opening to create a jaggy star-shaped line of mayonnaise in 1972, and in 2002 partially adopted a "double-cap" to draw a thin single line, which could be removed from the tube to create the original star shape. From 2005, the company introduced the double cap in all its mayonnaise products.

    Recently, as the culture of posting photos online has been spreading, and "Insta bae," or Instagrammable, became a trendy word, Kewpie considered creating a newly shaped cap that could be used to decorate foods.

    The "triple-hole cap," which Kewpie is going to introduce for its 350-gram mayonnaise tube from Aug. 3, is used on a salad. (Photo courtesy of Kewpie Corp.)

    The triple-hole cap was attached to some Kewpie products over a limited test period from 2015. Kewpie decided to release the mayonnaise with the new cap nationwide after considering consumers' reactions such as, "It looks as if it was served in a restaurant," and, "It is fun to use." The original star shape can still be drawn if the cap is removed.

    Kewpie will only adopt the new cap for its 350-gram tube of mayonnaise, with a suggested retail price of 318 yen including tax. Other mayonnaise products, such as the 450-gram tube will continue to use the double-cap.

    (Japanese original by Kenichi Omura, General Digital News Center)

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