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Safety information for travelers in Hokkaido available in English

This screenshot shows the top page of the Hokkaido travel safety portal.

A government-sponsored website is offering safety information in English for travelers in Hokkaido, the northernmost prefecture of Japan hit by a massive earthquake on Sept. 6.

The Hokkaido travel safety information website is part of an experiment by the Hokkaido District Transport Bureau of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. The portal offers the Google translate function for its contents including links to English-language sites of major public transportation facilities such as airports, railways and bus companies. The site also has links to the consulates of the United States, South Korea, Russia and Australia.

Users can activate the English translation function by pulling down the "Select English" menu near the top left corner of the homepage.

Here are some of the links to Hokkaido-related websites in English introduced by the portal:

Hokkaido travel safety site:

New Chitose Airport:

Hakodate Airport

Ashikawa Airport

Memanbetsu Airport:

JR Hokkaido railway:

Sapporo City subway:

Hokkaido Chuo Bus:

Tokachi Bus Corp:

Abashiri Bus: (via Google translate)

Akan Bus:

Hokkaido road traffic information:

US Consulate General Sapporo:

Australian Embassy Tokyo:

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