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Haiku Classic: Nov. 4, 2018

old cemetery

    all the sprinklers going

    in the pouring rain


    Winona Baker (1924-). From "Haiku: A Poet's Guide" (2003) by Lee Gurga.

    From time to time, one sees haiku on watering the garden in the rain but this one, I believe, is the epitome. It is not just rain, it is pouring rain -- really coming down in buckets. And it is not just a hose or a sprinkler, it is all the sprinklers! This feeling of uselessness, wastefulness and a lack of meaning is juxtaposed perfectly with the old cemetery. Everything that was sought after during life is forgotten and comes to a complete end, but the day-to-day continuation of going through prescheduled motions is captured by the automatic sprinklers turning on at their pre-ordained time to water the lawns -- even in the rain!

    Selected and commented on by Dhugal J. Lindsay

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