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Photo Journal: Seasonal signal

(Mainichi/Yasushi Kumagai)

Red, white and pink cyclamen plants, popular presents in winter, are seen in a greenhouse at Nakagakiengei flower park in the Tokyo suburban town of Mizuho, ahead of the peak season for shipment. There are several cyclamen growers in the town that sell the flower directly along a road called Cyclamen Main Road and customers visit to buy the potted plant. The town leads the capital in the production of cyclamen plants, according to the municipal government. Hisaji Nakagaki, a 78-year-old gardener of Nakagakiengei along the road, said, "It was extremely hot this summer, but later there were some cool periods. The flowers are strong and better than average." The grower sells the potted plants, including large ones for presents over the New Year holidays, at prices about 20 to 30 percent cheaper than flower retailers. The road is expected to be lively with lovers of the flower visiting from the metropolitan area until peak season in the middle of December.

    (Japanese original by Yasushi Kumagai, Ome Local Bureau)

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