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Capybaras soak in hot tub at Tochigi zoo for 'Good Bath Day'

Capybaras soak in an outdoor hot tub with apples at Nasu Animal Kingdom in the town of Nasu, Tochigi Prefecture, on Nov. 26, 2018. (Mainichi/Koji Shibata)

NASU, Tochigi -- Capybaras soaked in an outdoor hot tub at an event to commemorate "Good Bath Day" on Nov. 26 at Nasu Animal Kingdom in this town north of Tokyo.

Nov. 26, when written as 11.26, can be read as "ii (good) furo (bath)" in Japanese. This year marked the second time for the event to be held after last year's inaugural event. A total of 30 locally grown apples were placed in the hot water and the rodents took big bites of the fruit in front of some 100 delighted onlookers.

Daiki Sakurai, a 22-year-old zookeeper, pointed out that apples are good for the health and are said to "keep the doctor away." "We decided to prepare the bathtub with apples in the hope that the capybaras will stay healthy during the winter," he explained.

(Japanese original by Koji Shibata, Otawara Local Bureau)

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