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23 dead or presumed dead in arson attack at Kyoto Animation studio

Photo Journal: Flying for New Year

(Mainichi/Koichiro Tezuka)

A veteran craftsman creates a Japanese kite decorated with an image of a boar, the Chinese zodiac sign for 2019, at his workshop, "Tako Kobo Toki," in the village of Chosei, Chiba Prefecture, west of Tokyo, in this recent photo. The 68-year-old craftsman, Mikio Toki, has engaged in making traditional square-shaped kites -- regarded as lucky charms for New Year -- for more than 40 years. The kite designs have been handed down from the Edo period. They feature a stick made from split cane at the top that creates a humming sound as the kite is flown.

    (Japanese original by Koichiro Tezuka, Tokyo Photo Group)

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