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3 more universities admit manipulating entrance exam scores for medical schools

Fukuoka University officials bow during a news conference at its campus in Fukuoka on Dec. 8, 2018. (Mainichi/Takashi Miyazawa)

MORIOKA/KANAZAWA/FUKUOKA -- Three private universities admitted on Dec. 8 that their medical departments manipulated the scores of some applicants or gave preferential treatment to others in their entrance examinations.

The three universities are Iwate Medical University in the northeastern Japan city of Morioka, Kanazawa Medical University in Kanazawa along the Sea of Japan coast and Fukuoka University in the southwestern Japan city of Fukuoka. They admitted the manipulation after the Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Ministry pointed out they may have been involved in inappropriate manipulation of exam scores.

It was earlier learned that Tokyo Medical University, Showa University and Kobe University manipulated scores against female applicants and those who failed in earlier entrance exams.

Iwate Medical University told a news conference on Dec. 8 that the ministry pointed out that its medical department gave preferential treatment to those who were enrolled in or graduated from the institution in its department transfer examination this year. Those who had or were expected to obtain a dentist's license were allowed to sit the exam. Of 34 applicants, seven passed and three of them are from the university. The university set in 2013 a special quota for those who are from the same university without announcing the measure in its application guidelines.

Moreover, the university accepted an applicant who scored lower in this year's regular entrance examination to fill vacancies. However, the university said it cannot provide an explanation of the practice because it does not have records of the process of accepting additional applicants.

Kanazawa Medical University acknowledged at a news conference on Dec. 8 that it added scores to those of children of graduates and those from local high schools in this year's entrance examination based on recommendations from high schools. The university failed to disclose the policy in its guidelines for applications.

The quota for the recommendation-based entrance exam was 27. The university is set to admit in the 2019 academic year seven to eight applicants who failed because of the score manipulation.

Fukuoka University's medical department admitted at a news conference that it lowered the scores of applicants who previously failed in its entrance exams to prioritize those who are about to graduate from high school. The university continued the practice for many years.

(Japanese original by Kei Sato, Morioka Bureau, Shunsuke Yamashita, Kyushu News Department and Azusa Hinata, Hokuriku General Bureau)

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