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Osaka cop leaves handgun in convenience store bathroom

OSAKA -- A police officer left a handgun in the bathroom of a convenience store here on Dec. 15, Osaka Prefectural Police announced. The gun, with five bullets inside, was found by a store employee and later returned to police.

According to the prefectural police's security division, the officer, who is in their 20s and belongs to the second mobile unit of the police force, left the handgun as well as a belt holding handcuffs inside a restroom stall at the convenience store at around 7:10 a.m. on Dec. 15.

The officer was on duty guarding the U.S. Consulate General Osaka-Kobe in Osaka's Kita Ward when they visited the convenience store nearby for a bathroom break.

A store employee found the items hanging on a hook inside the stall shortly afterwards, and reported the items to another officer.

"We will keep a careful watch over our equipment and other items hereafter," a representative of the security division said.

(Japanese original by Takumi Fujikawa, Osaka City News Department)

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