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Photo Journal: End-of-year bustle in Tsukiji

Tsukiji outer market in Tokyo's Chuo Ward is seen crowded with customers looking to buy food for New Year's celebrations, on Dec. 30, 2018. The nearby Tsukiji wholesale market was relocated to the Toyosu district of the capital's Koto Ward in October, but the outer market site, which continues to operate, remained packed with crowds of regular customers. Multicolored fish-paste products, such as kamaboko boiled fish paste and datemaki sweet omelet, were among the items on the shelves at one business in the area, "Kawaguchi Shoten." Store owner Kenji Kasuga, 64, commented, "The number of visitors has dropped slightly from before, but I managed to reach my sales target thanks to our regular customers."

    (Japanese original by Haruna Okuyama, City News Department)

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