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Photo Journal: Hello kitties

(Mainichi/Minako Saito)

African serval kittens are seen with their mother at Tama Zoological Park in the Tokyo city of Hino, on Jan. 17, 2019. The two male felines, Neil and Buzz, made their public exhibit debut along with their mother, climbing a tree and sharpening their claws. Born last November, they are the first serval kittens to be produced at the zoo in three years. The zookeepers named them after the Apollo 11 moon mission astronauts, as they have an elder brother called Apollo. Neil and Buzz have been growing up on a diet of horse meat, and as of Jan. 14 Niel weighed 790 grams, and Buzz 880 grams.

    (Japanese original by Minako Saito, Tama General Bureau)

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