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Photo Journal: Go-ing global

(Mainichi/Satoshi Mogami)

Japan's 9-year-old Go prodigy Sumire Nakamura plays against top South Korean female player Choi Jeong at the Korea Baduk Association office in Seoul on Jan. 23, 2019. Ninth-dan ranked Choi, 22, won the game against the fourth grader of an elementary school in the city of Osaka in western Japan, who will become the youngest ever professional Go player in April. The match was held for a South Korean TV program and the contest was dubbed the "pinnacle match of geniuses." Commenting on the game, Nakamura said, "I was very nervous as many TV cameras were filming. Choi is a strong player. I want to perform well if I have a professional game against her." Choi offered encouragement to the young star, saying, "She will feel a burden from being under the spotlight and high expectations. I hope she will overcome these factors and try hard."

(Japanese original by Satoshi Mogami, Cultural News Department)

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