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Photo Journal: Ice cream champ

(Mainichi/Naotsune Umemura)

London 2012 judo champion Kaori Matsumoto serves ice cream to a customer on Feb. 12, 2019, at a newly opened shop on the campus of Tokyo Fuji University, in the capital's Shinjuku Ward. The 31-year-old Olympic gold medalist, who announced her retirement on Feb. 7, came up with new ice cream flavor ideas for the shop, dubbed Darcy's. Matsumoto said she has loved ice cream since her days as a judoka, and tried her hand at crafting the new flavors with the desire "to make ice cream that's good for the body." The treats contain no flour or white sugar, and are based on coconut milk and soy milk. Matsumoto says she wants "to put smiles on people's faces through ice cream in 2020" during the Tokyo Games.

    (Japanese original by Akira Matsumoto, Sports News Department)

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