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2 former Tokyo bar staff arrested for allegedly dumping dead customer on street

TOKYO -- Two former cabaret club workers were arrested on Feb. 21 for allegedly dumping a customer on the street after he died of acute alcohol poisoning, police said.

Ex-club manager Takeshi Kamiya, 34, and ex-staff member Takuya Horie, 28, are suspected of abandoning a body. Kamiya was quoted as telling police, "I didn't know he (the customer) was dead when we left him on the street." Horie has apparently admitted he helped "put a passed out drunk customer on the road."

The two are accused of dumping the body of 44-year-old cook Shin Kosakai in front of the club in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward at about 10:10 a.m. on Oct. 5 last year.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department, Kosakai had started drinking at about 2 a.m. that day, and began consuming shochu liquor and tequila at the establishment at about 7 a.m. After Kosakai became immobile, Kamiya and Horie allegedly took him out of the club and left him on the street before calling emergency services.

Judicial autopsy results showed Kosakai's blood alcohol level was at a near-lethal concentration, leading investigators to conclude he had died inside the club.

(Japanese original by Shota Harumashi, Yoshitaka Yamamoto, and Hironori Tsuchie, City News Department)

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