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5 other candidates in era name shortlist revealed


TOKYO -- A day after the government picked "Reiwa" as the name of the new Imperial era on April 1, a government source disclosed the other five names that made it to the shortlist presented to a panel of experts and others for selection.

The other five were "Eiko," "Kyuka," "Koshi," "Banna," and "Banpo."

According to the source, Eiko comes from Japanese literature, while Koshi is derived from China's oldest poetry anthology, the "Classic of Poetry," but also can be traced to Japanese works.

Both Banna and Banpo are based on Chinese classics, with Banna having two separate sources.

Altogether, three of the six shortlists come from Chinese classics and the remaining three from Japanese literature.

Among the latter group, Reiwa is derived from "Manyoshu," the oldest Japanese waka poetry anthology, while the other two are based on the "Chronicles of Japan" (Nihon Shoki) and the "Records of Ancient Matters" (Kojiki), according to multiple sources.

(Japanese original by Nozomu Takeuchi and Minami Nomaguchi, Political News Department)

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