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Local community rallies to help 50 dogs abandoned at home in Kyushu

A group of the dogs is seen in their new home at Sakumonto Dog Run & Animal Rescue in Takaharu, Miyazaki Prefecture, on April 18, 2019. (Mainichi/Tsugio Shigeharu)

MIYAKONOJO, Miyazaki -- About 50 dogs have been discovered abandoned in a home that a man rented here, and the local community has rallied to take care of the jilted animals.

The man, in his 50s, has not responded to attempts to contact him. While local police continue to search for his whereabouts, the Sakumonto Dog Run & Animal Rescue in Takaharu, north of Miyakonojo, is taking in the neglected canines. The prefectural government has lent cages and other supplies to support the group with its sudden influx of furry friends.

According to Sakumonto rescue, the man disappeared after his landlord phoned to say he wanted to pick up some things he'd left at the house. The man's relatives later discovered the dogs inside when they visited the home. Upon finding the abandoned pets, they reported it to the Miyakonojo Public Health Center, and Sakumonto rescued the animals.

Kaori Yamashita, head of Sakumonto rescue, described the conditions in the house. "The odor inside was strong, and conditions were very unhygienic." She also called for people to do more to avoid these incidents. "Pet owners must fulfill the responsibilities they have to their animals. If they don't want them to breed, they should take contraceptive measures including spaying or neutering their pets."

(Japanese original by Tsugio Shigeharu, Miyakonojo Local Bureau)

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