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Haiku Classic: June 16, 2019

fuurin-ya higure-wa ikite iru kagiri

    wind chimes ...

    the evening dusk

    as long as one's alive


    Shigeko Kohiyama (1931-). From "Nagaremizu" (2005) by Shigeko Kohiyama.

    Entrance to this haiku is through the sound of wind chimes. The cutting word "ya" is placed to emphasize the existence of the chimes themselves as well as the most characteristic part of their existence -- namely their sound. The twilight of the evening dusk is then introduced, placing the wind chimes in a concrete surrounding. The twist occurs where the focus is shifted from the concrete scene of the chimes in the dusk to the concept that as long as one remains alive, every day will end and it will end in twilight.

    Selected, translated and commented on by Dhugal J. Lindsay

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