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Japan Photo Journal: Tiny treasured threads

(Mainichi/Yoshihisa Deki)

Tiny kimonos for dolls are seen hanging on poles on Aug. 7, 2019, during a ritual to dry them at a hall in Hachiman Kohyo Shrine in the town of Yoshitomi, Fukuoka Prefecture, in southwestern Japan. The clothes that are about 40 centimeters in length will be used for the shrine's traditional puppet show scheduled for the summer of 2020. The show, designated a national important intangible folk cultural property, is performed once every four years. The clothes, which number more than 1,000, were donated by the lords of the local Nakatsu Castle in the Edo period and have annually been presented by parishioners since the Meiji period.

    (Japanese original by Yoshihisa Deki, Kyushu Project Department)

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