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Japan Photo Journal: Fossil field

(Photo courtesy of the TambaSasayama Municipal Government)

Ancient local animals are seen represented at rice fields in the city of TambaSasayama, Hyogo Prefecture, in western Japan. The artwork, measuring about 100 meters by 70 meters, was created by students of three local high schools and others using three kinds of rice plants. The remains of both creatures depicted in the field were unearthed in the city. The large right creature is a "Tambatitanis amicitiae," a large dinosaur known as "Tambaryu" in Japanese, and the left one is a "Sasayamamylos kawaii," one of the oldest mammals in Japan. The rice will be harvested from around Sept. 15, according to the city board of education.

    (Japanese original by Yasumichi Marui, Tamba Local Bureau)

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