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'What one wears doesn't imply sexual consent': Japanese journalist tells demo

Shiori Ito speaks to participants at a "Flower Demo" rally, held in Tokyo's Chiyoda Ward on Sept. 11, 2019. (Mainichi/Aya Shiota)

TOKYO -- Shiori Ito, a journalist who made the rare move of using her real name to reveal she was the victim of an alleged rape, spoke out at a rally here on Sept. 11, emphasizing that what a person wears does not imply sexual consent.

Ito had taken part in "Flower Demo" gatherings, in which participants have protested a recent series of acquittals of defendants charged with sex crimes, once before. However, the Sept. 11 event in front of JR Tokyo Station was the first time she had delivered a speech at one.

The 30-year-old was dressed in a long white cardigan and black pants -- the same clothes, she said, that she had been wearing at the time she was raped. "I've put on these clothes for the first time since I became a victim," she said.

Ito stated, "I want to raise awareness that regardless of what clothes a person wears, it doesn't mean they have given sexual consent."

(Japanese original by Aya Shiota, Integrated Digital News Center)

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