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10-yr-old rising Go star claims 1st win over male opponent in pro tournament

Ten-year-old Go prodigy Sumire Nakamura, left, defeats fourth-dan ranked Naoyoshi Furuta in a preliminary round of the 59th Judan tournament at the Kansai Office of Nihon Ki-in in Osaka's Kita Ward on Sept. 16, 2019. (Mainichi/Hiroaki Niidoi)

OSAKA -- Ten year-old Go prodigy Sumire Nakamura scored her first victory against a professional male Go player in an official match when she beat a fourth-dan ranked opponent in a preliminary round of the 59th Judan tournament here on Sept. 16.

Nakamura, who in April became the youngest ever professional of the traditional board game in Japan, defeated Naoyoshi Furuta, 50, in a preliminary match at the Kansai Office of the Nihon Ki-in (Japan Go Association) in Osaka's Kita Ward in western Japan. It was her first appearance in a preliminary round in one of the seven major professional Go tournaments in Japan.

First-dan ranked Nakamura, playing with the white stones, upset Furuta by 1.5 points to win the Sept. 16 game in 235 moves.

Nakamura won her third consecutive official match after losing in the preliminary round of the Ryusei tournament when she made her debut as a professional player on April 22.

Following the match, when asked if she thought it would be a tough game, Nakamura nodded but added, "I thought I had won at the end (of the game)."

(Japanese original by Hiroaki Niidoi, Osaka Cultural News Department)

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