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Wild boar swimming in sea captured on video in central Japan

A wild boar is seen swimming toward Toshi Island in the city of Toba, Mie Prefecture, in central Japan. (Video image courtesy of Koki Omine)

TOBA, Mie -- A wild boar has been captured on video swimming toward an isolated island off this city in central Japan.

Koki Omine, 54, a fisherman on Toshi Island, spotted the boar, which appeared to be over 1 meter in length, swimming near the island as he was navigating his boat back to port after fishing for octopuses one morning in early August.

The video shows the swimming boar dodging the fishing boat as the boat approaches. "The boar swam smoothly against the tidal current," Omine recalled.

Omine had previously seen a wild boar swimming toward the island three or four times but this was the first time for him to record the scene on video. It's believed that the boar had swum from the coast on Japan's main island of Honshu, located about 1 kilometer away from Toshi Island.

(Japanese original by Kazushige Hayashi, Toba Resident Bureau)

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