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3 workers sustain burns while inspecting maglev train in Japan

A prototype of a Central Japan Railway Co. maglev train is unveiled to the media at the railway operator's experimental laboratory in Tsuru, Yamanashi Prefecture, eastern Japan, on Oct. 3, 2019. (Kyodo)

KOFU, Japan (Kyodo) -- Three people sustained burns Monday during inspection work on a maglev train line under development west of Tokyo, police said.

    An unexpected combustion took place on the train at around 4:05 p.m., igniting the clothes of three nearby workers before the fire was quickly put out, the police said. Two of the workers -- a 31-year-old and 29-year-old -- sustained severe burns.

    According to Central Japan Railway Co., the three were caught in an eruption of sparks from a circuit breaker device.

    The 42.8-kilometer experimental line in Yamanashi Prefecture will be part of the Tokyo-Osaka high-speed maglev train line. Ahead of full services between Tokyo and Osaka, JR Central aims to start operations of the maglev train between Tokyo and Nagoya in 2027 with a top speed of 500 km per hour.

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