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Japan Photo Journal: Jujube jollification

(Mainichi/Tadayuki Otake)

Jujube fruit, a local specialty in northern Gifu Prefecture, are seen on trees at Nomura Farm in the central Japan city of Takayama on Oct. 17, 2019. The harvesting of jujube is at its peak at the farm, where 10 jujube trees grow, including one that is believed to be over 200 years old. Farm owner Tadashi Nomura, 53, says there is an abundance of jujube this year as he set up honey bee nest boxes that have been pollinating them, and expects to ship out approximately 250 kilograms of the fruit. Jujube will be sold online as well as at supermarkets within Takayama, the Miyagawa morning market and department stores in Tokyo. In this area, jujubes are commonly simmered using soy sauce and sugar to make a dish referred to as "a Takayama Festival delicacy."

    (Japanese original by Tadayuki Otake, Takayama Resident Bureau)

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