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Japan Photo Journal: Out of the blue

(Photo courtesy of the Joetsu Aquarium)

A paper nautilus, a pelagic octopus that builds its own shell, is seen at Joetsu Aquarium in the city of Joetsu, Niigata Prefecture. It's difficult to keep paper nautilus confined for a long period as staff don't know how to raise the rare octopus, according to the aquarium. The facility received the animal from a fisherman at Nou Port in the prefecture city of Itoigawa on Nov. 5, and put it on display the following day. The creature, whose shell measures 12 centimeters, is thought to have used the Tsushima Warm Current to enter the seas around Japan. Paper nautilus usually spend their lives drifting near the surface of tropical and subtropical seas. This is the first time that the animal has been shown to the public at the facility since December 2015. (Japanese original by Shigeharu Asami, Joetsu Local Bureau)

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