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Japan Photo Journal: Bustling year-end energy

(Mainichi/Naotsune Umemura)

People looking to buy food for the New Year holiday period crowd the popular Ameyoko shopping street in the Ueno district of Tokyo's Taito Ward on Dec. 29, 2019. The shopping street's association, consisting of about 380 shops, expects that about 1.7 million shoppers will flock to the area over the five days between Dec. 27 and 31. While many fresh fish shops, which are characterized by lively face-to-face sales, don't support cashless payments, foreign tourists also enjoy shopping in the energetic street, according to the association. Hayato Chiba, 65, vice-chairman of the group, said, "The advantage of Ameyoko is that it offers the cheapest prices for bulk-buying customers, so please drop by."

    (Japanese original by Buntaro Saito, City News Department)

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