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Japan Photo Journal: A picture of the future

(Mainichi/Yukihiro Takeuchi)

A woman who attended a coming-of-age ceremony takes a selfie with old friends in the city of Masuda, Shimane Prefecture, in western Japan, on Jan. 2, 2020. The annual ceremonies are held in January nationwide for young people turning 20 in the current school year. The governments of Masuda and Gotsu cities held this year's first coming-of-age ceremonies in the prefecture on the day. The new adults wearing long-sleeved kimonos or suits gathered in their hometowns after a long separation to celebrate the start of the next chapter of their lives. In the ceremony in Masuda, Ena Miura, 20, who represented the new adults, said in a speech, "We will have fulfilling lives, taking steps forward while not fearing failure and change, and build up our courage."

    (Japanese original by Yukihiro Takeuchi, Masuda Local Bureau)

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