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Hello world: Koala joey peers out from mom's pouch at zoo near Tokyo

A koala joey peers out from her mother's pouch at Saitama Children's Zoo in the city of Higashimatsuyama in Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo. (Photo courtesy of the facility)

KAWAGOE, Saitama -- A koala joey born here in 2019 has peeked out from her mother's pouch for the first time at Saitama Children's Zoo in the city of Higashimatsuyama north of Tokyo.

The female was born on June 12 last year at the facility in Saitama Prefecture. Two other joeys were born the same year at the zoo, one on April 2 and the other on May 21. It is the first time that visitors can see three joeys at the same time at the zoo since 1988, when four babies were born, according to the facility.

The zoo is accepting nominations for names for the three joeys until Jan. 26 and will invite those whose name suggestions were adopted to a ceremony to recognize them as "godparents" at the facility's koala house on Feb. 9.

For inquiries, call the office on 0493-35-1234 (in Japanese).

(Japanese original by Takashi Nakamura, Saitama Nishi Bureau)

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