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Japan Photo Journal: Dousing drill

(Mainichi/Yoshinori Matsuda)

Fire department personnel shoot water up in the air during a training exercise at the State Guesthouse in Tokyo's Minato Ward on Feb. 10, 2020. The drill, held by the Akasaka Fire Station ahead of the annual Spring Fire Prevention Campaign, was carried out with eight fire trucks plus a total of 80 firefighters, volunteer fire brigade members, and guesthouse officials. The exercise was based on a scenario that a fire started on the first basement floor of the main building. Firefighters with the guesthouse, also known as Akasaka Palace, performed first responder firefighting, provided evacuation guidance for visitors and called in the emergency. Fire department personnel and volunteer firefighters then sprayed water to put out the "blaze."

    (Japanese original by Yoshinori Matsuda, General Affairs/Planning Department)

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