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Japan Photo Journal: Rice rainbow

(Mainichi/Takashi Kamiiriki)

Farmer Eiji Kato, 79, spreads a rainbow of "arare" snacks on goza mats on Feb. 7, 2020, in the town of Chikujo, Fukuoka Prefecture, southwestern Japan. The five-tone munchables, made from locally produced sticky rice used to produce "mochi" rice cake and colored with ingredients such as aonori seaweed and sesame, will spend about a month drying in the parched winter air before they are packaged and put up for sale at local shops and "michi no eki" roadside rest stops-cum-produce markets. They can then be roasted or heated up in the microwave before being eaten. "There are a lot of people who look forward to these every year, so I'd like to continue making them," Kato said. Arame production runs until March.

    (Japanese original by Takashi Kamiiriki, Photo Department)

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