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Amid shortages, Japan firm releases tutorial to make 'maskerchiefs' at home


TOKYO -- With mask shortages continuing across Japan and elsewhere, a fashion accessories business based in the capital has uploaded a diagram and video to its website demonstrating how to make a handkerchief mask at home.

The video and diagram for the "Handkerchief recipe" created by T. Kawabe & Co., in Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo, can be found at the following link in Japanese:

To make one, you'll need a handkerchief and two elastic or craft bands. The company says that a handkerchief of around 50 centimeters square is ideal, but that people should choose a size that fits their face.

First, fold the handkerchief in half longways and then fold it in half again. Then, thread the bands through the folded cloth at width intervals of around a third on either side. Next, fold the handkerchief at the points where both bands are, and then adjust the center to ensure the handkerchief is concentrated at the center to finish.

By adjusting the distribution of the central parts of the handkerchief when wearing it, you can get it to cover your nose and chin.

But please bear in mind that this is ultimately a substitute measure for the real thing. Therefore, the handkerchief mask has only limited effects, such as blocking airborne droplets from sneezes or coughs, or preventing you from touching your mouth and nose.

(Summary by Akiko Mabuchi, Local News Group)

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