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Western Japan city creates plucky foreign 'chicken man' to crow about tourism hotspots

The cocky character "Tottory" is seen on a website to promote tourism to Tottori. (Image courtesy of the city government)

TOTTORI -- The government in this western Japan city has created a cocky foreign "chicken man" character for its website to promote regional tourism.

Using a play on the Japanese word "tori," meaning chicken or birds in general, the character "Tottory" sports a suave hairstyle like a chick as he jokingly introduces local sightseeing spots.

On the "That's Tottori" website, Tottory and a range of illustrious illustrations introduce the charms of the city covering nine topics with short stories, pictures and movies about famous places, local food and culture.

In a movie introducing Hakuto Jinja shrine, famous for enshrining the deity of matchmaking, Tottory asks, "Will visitors find their true love?" The narrator answers, "Some may and some may not," to which the chicken on his head responds, "Come on!"

The city's famous traditional "Kirin Shishimai" lion dance and prized snow crabs, a winter delicacy, are also featured on the site, at (in Japanese).

(Japanese original by Ayami Abe, Tottori Bureau)

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