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Fukushima gov. calls out Japan, foreign politicians for 'Chinese virus' comments

Fukushima Gov. Masao Uchibori (Mainichi/Ryusuke Takahashi)

FUKUSHIMA -- The governor of Fukushima Prefecture, Masao Uchibori, has condemned politicians both in Japan and abroad for labeling the novel coronavirus the "Chinese virus" or "Wuhan virus."

Those terms "create misunderstanding and prejudice, and it's very important to restrain those kinds of reactions as much as possible," Gov. Uchibori told a regular press conference on March 23 in the capital of this northeastern Japanese prefecture.

Uchibori did not specify which politicians' comments he was referring to, but did say he was looking at the problem "from the perspective of Fukushima Prefecture, which experienced the (March 2011) nuclear plant accident and still suffers from rumors today." He added that he was concerned about prejudice against people who exhibited similar symptoms to COVID-19.

Furthermore, "'rational fears' and acting calmly, which were both talked about during the nuclear crisis, can become the first steps in fighting harmful rumors," said Uchibori.

(Japanese original by Ryusuke Takahashi, Fukushima Bureau)

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