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Japan firm's frame to make quick and easy DIY handkerchief mask a hit

A man demonstrates how to use a mask frame, produced by Tanac Co. based in the city of Gifu, on top of a handkerchief, on April 15, 2020. (Mainichi/Sawako Kumagai)

GIFU -- A silicone products manufacturer in Japan is seeing overwhelming demand for its mask frame made of elastic material that allows users to wear a handkerchief like a mask, amid the shortage of such face covers due do to the novel coronavirus.

Tanac Co. is a small firm based in the central Japan city of Gifu, which began to sell its "Maspita" product on April 13. The item can be worn over a mask to avoid the common fear of viruses entering inside from air gaps between the face and the mask.

However, the mask frame is also attracting nationwide attention as an item to seal handkerchiefs, gauzes, paper towels and other products onto one's face to create an alternative mask. One frame costs 980 yen, excluding tax.

(Japanese original by Sawako Kumagai, Gifu Bureau)

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