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Nagoya recycling firm to offer part-time jobs to foreign students in need of work

The logistics center located in the city of Obu, Aichi Prefecture, where students from overseas will work part time, is shown in this photo provided by ReNet Japan Group, Inc. The company is seeing large increases in its handled products as more people are staying at home amid the coronavirus.

NAGOYA -- A recycling company based in this central Japan city is hoping to hire foreign students who are barely making ends meet as part-time work opportunities are shrinking amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

ReNet Japan Group, Inc. is planning to hire about 50 students as part-time workers at its recycle business that has been continued for 20 years since the company's foundation. The project consists of using home delivery services to buy used books, DVDs, and CDs among other secondhand items from households and the like, and selling these products online. The students will be in charge of carrying in corrugated boxes containing the purchased items and collecting items for which orders are placed at a logistics center located in the city of Obu in Aichi Prefecture.

Besides its reuse operations, the company also manages a recycling business for small electrical home appliances, and the growth in the number of registered members from March to April was 1.5 times greater than that during the same period of the previous year. The amount of handled goods also reached a record high. This seems to be the result of an increase in people enjoying time at home during the move to refrain from going outdoors.

The company's decision to hire student part-timers was made against the backdrop of its demand for more workers due to increased tasks, which matched the students' needs of work to earn money to survive the outbreak.

There are not any specific criteria for employment, other than being capable of basic communication in Japanese. The hourly pay is 930 yen, the same as regular part-timers, and an extra 100 yen is added on the weekend and holidays. The firm says there are also opportunities for a raise in salary.

As the company also partakes in dispatching technical interns to Japan from countries in Asia, President Takeshi Kuroda spoke of his wish to support young students who came to Japan with the same aspirations and feelings of hope.

He said, "I would like it if foreigners who work in Japan do not come to loathe the country," before also voicing his expectations, "It would be great if foreigners will take this opportunity to work together with us as valuable assets. In addition, we would also like to expand our business of sending out trainees by gathering more experience."

(Japanese original by Yuko Machida, Nagoya News Center)

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