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Tokyo man fatally plunges from 20th floor after police visit over alleged secret filming

The Metropolitan Police Department headquarters (Mainichi/Kenji Yoneda)

TOKYO -- A man plunged to his death from the balcony of his apartment on the 20th floor of a high-rise residential building in the capital's Nakano Ward on Aug. 4 after police officers visited him over suspected secret filming, police said.

    According to the Metropolitan Police Department's Machida Police Station, four officers arrived at the man's apartment at around 6 a.m. that day. Through an intercom, they identified themselves as officers from the Machida Police Station, and asked him to open the door. The 52-year-old suspect responded, "Please wait while I change my clothes," but less than a minute later, the officers suspected something was wrong, because he didn't come outside. The officers then entered the apartment with a spare key and found the man climbing over the handrail of the balcony. The suspect then jumped and was confirmed dead after he was found lying on the ground in the courtyard of the building.

    Police suspect that the man filmed a girl secretly in the Tokyo suburban city of Machida on the afternoon on July 24, based on security footage and other information.

    (Japanese original by Makoto Kakizaki, City News Department)

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