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Note tells man visiting parents' home in north Japan to go back to Tokyo amid pandemic

A handwritten note with slanderous comments, which a man from Tokyo found during his visit to his parents' home in the city of Aomori, is seen in this image taken on Aug. 7, 2020, provided by the man.

AOMORI -- A 64-year-old man from Tokyo who visited his parents' home in this northern Japan city found a slanderous note asking why he came during the resurgence of novel coronavirus infections and telling him to go back to the capital, it has been learned.

    The man visited his parents' home in the city of Aomori on Aug. 5 to help out with chores such as cleaning the family's grave. He found the anonymous note left near the entrance at around 7 a.m. on Aug. 7 as he was taking out garbage.

    The handwritten note reads, "Why did you come from Tokyo at a time like this? The (Tokyo) governor said it on TV (to refrain from traveling outside of the capital). Don't you know this?! For someone your age, what are you thinking? Young children also pass by this street. As well as elderly people. Please go back (to Tokyo) immediately!! You are causing trouble to everyone. Are you sure that it's safe (to be visiting Aomori)?" The note was not signed.

    "I never imagined that I would receive something like this in the city I was born and raised in," the man said. The 64-year-old had voluntarily taken two polymerase chain reaction tests before traveling to Aomori, and both times tested negative. He says he has been staying inside his parents' home as much as possible.

    "People who are going back to their parents' homes from Tokyo are also making tremendous efforts to be considerate of others. Please think about what it would feel like to receive the same sort of note," he said.

    (Japanese original by Yudai Hiraka, Aomori Bureau)

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