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Drunk coach mistakenly urinates on student's futon at training camp in SW Japan

The Oita Prefectural Government building is seen here on Feb. 24, 2019. (Mainichi)

OITA -- The kendo fencing coach at a high school in the southwestern Japan city of Bungoono in Oita Prefecture mistakenly urinated on the futon covers of student athletes while half asleep and drunk in the middle of the night, prompting the prefectural board of education to consider disciplinary action.

    The 50-something male coach and teacher at Oita Prefectural Mie Sogo High School is said to have apologized, saying, "I was half asleep and mistook the room for the restroom. I am deeply sorry."

    According to the school, the kendo team was at a training camp at a youth facility in the prefectural city of Bungotakada from July 10 to 12 in preparation for the Inter-High School Championships. On July 10, the coach started having dinner with another male coach and the then PTA chairman in his room at around 9:30 p.m. after the students had gone to sleep. He had drunk about six or seven 350-millimeter cans of beer by around 11 p.m., before going to sleep.

    At around 2 a.m., the coach apparently woke up to go to the restroom, but mistakenly entered the room where three male students were sleeping and urinated there, getting some bedding and a student's T-shirt wet. The three students tried talking to the coach, but because he was groggy from sleep, the students put the futon in the closet and went to take a bath.

    At around 6 a.m., when the students reported to the coach what had happened earlier in the morning, he apologized to them. He is also said to have explained what had happened to the parents of the students and apologized. The coach paid the approximately 7,000 yen that it took to send the futon to a cleaning service.

    The school found out about the incident through an anonymous phone call on July 14. It reported the incident to the prefectural board of education the following day, and on July 17, the principal, Jinpachi Eiraku, reprimanded the coach. The teacher coached the students on July 19 and 20 for the Inter-High School Championships, was taken off coaching duty for 15 days starting July 21, and is now back coaching the team.

    "It was inappropriate behavior while chaperoning students," Eiraku said. "We will await the prefectural board of education's decision."

    (Japanese original by Nao Ishii, Oita Bureau)

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