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New permanent museum puts 30,000 goldfish on eye-popping display in Tokyo

Goldfish are seen lit up in their tanks at Art Aquarium Museum in Tokyo's Chuo Ward on Aug. 27, 2020, one day ahead of the permanent exhibit's grand opening. (Mainichi/Hiroshi Maruyama)

TOKYO -- Some 30,000 goldfish were unveiled at the Art Aquarium Museum in the capital's Nihonbashi district on Aug. 27, ahead of the permanent exhibition's grand opening the following day.

    Short-run goldfish exhibitions called Art Aquariums have been held every year in Nihonbashi and elsewhere in Japan since 2007, but this museum offers the first permanent exhibit.

    The two-story museum, with a total floor space of 2,321 square meters, is separated into variously themed sections. Permanent exhibits include a section titled "Ukiyo" with huge fishbowls evoking images of the "hanamachi" entertainment districts of the Edo period (1603-1867), and one called "Shinpi" -- literally "mysterious" -- featuring rows of cylindrical tanks. There is also an area for seasonal exhibits.

    The museum says the exhibition portrays "the vitality and beauty of living things" by using light and music.

    Admission to the museum costs 2,300 yen for junior high school student-aged patrons and older. For inquiries, contact Art Aquarium Museum at 03-3548-8050 (in Japanese).

    (Japanese original by Hiroshi Maruyama, Photo Group)

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