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Japan Photo Journal: Hot attraction on a cool night

(Mainichi/Norio Oyama)

A bonfire lit on a tour boat for watching cormorant fishing is seen lighting up the Nishiki River below the Kintaikyo Bridge, illuminated in gold, in this recent long exposure photo taken in the city of Iwakuni, Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan. The cormorant fishing season is nearing its end, and visitors aboard the tour boats took in the cool evening breeze as they watched fishermen do their work near the bridge. Though cormorant fishing usually starts on June 1, which also marks the first day of "ayu" sweetfish season, it was postponed to June 23 this year to prepare measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. Visitors can see cormorant fishing until Sept. 10, and seats on the tour boats are reportedly already fully booked on the weekend.

    (Japanese original by Norio Oyama, Iwakuni Local Bureau)

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