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Typhoon Haishen to pick up strength as it bears down on SW Japan: weather agency

The projected course of Typhoon Haishen as of 12:00 p.m. on Sept. 3, 2020 Japan time is seen in this image from the Japan Meteorological Agency website.

FUKUOKA -- Japan's weather agency is warning of violent winds and high waves as Typhoon Haishen, this year's 10th, grows more powerful on its approach to the country's southwest.

    According to the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), as of 9 a.m. on Sept. 3, Haishen was south of the Japanese archipelago, moving westward at about 20 kilometers per hour. However, the storm is expected to turn north and pick up steam, passing close to the Daito Islands in the southernmost prefecture of Okinawa on Sept. 5-6.

    Haishen had a central air pressure of 970 hectopascals and was packing sustained windspeeds of up to 126 kilometers per hour near its core, with gusts hitting 180 kph, as of 9 a.m. on Sept. 3, the JMA said. There were also sustained windspeeds of at least 90 kph within a 110-kilometer radius of the storm's eye.

    The agency projects that Haishen will travel north to about 600 kilometers southeast of Minami Daito Island at 9 a.m. on Sept. 4, and that its core pressure will drop to 940 hectopascals. The storm is then forecast to continue northward, approaching the Amami Islands between Okinawa and the southwest Japan island of Kyushu at 9 a.m. on Sept. 6. By that point Haishen's core pressure is expected to drop to 915 hectopascals, and pack gusts of up to 288 kph.

    (Japanese original by Keiko Yamaguchi, Kyushu News Department)

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