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Japanese firm develops face shield that works while drinking, eating ramen

This photo shows the face shield that fits onto a pair of glasses (while drinking). (Mainichi/Tetsuya Shoji)
This photo shows the face shield that fits onto a pair of glasses (as worn normally). (Mainichi/Tetsuya Shoji)

SHIBUKAWA, Gunma -- A company in the eastern Japan prefecture of Gunma has designed a face shield that allows people to drink or even eat ramen without taking it off, according to its president.

    The face shield designed by Shelly, a company in the city of Shibukawa, is still undergoing development, but the firm hopes to commercialize it in the near future.

    "It has a wide range of uses, including at restaurants for business entertainment," company president Toru Kiyozuka said.

    The shield is designed to fit onto the frame of a pair of glasses. The angle is adjustable, and if the part above the mouth is lifted up, then the wearer can eat and drink without taking it off. It is highly transparent, so there are no problems seeing through it while wearing glasses.

    "I had some ramen while wearing it, and I was able to eat without any problems at all," Kiyozuka said.

    Shelly manufactures items for events, but sales have declined as events were canceled due to the coronavirus crisis. Using its strength in being able to plan, design, produce and sell products, the company decided to make the face shields.

    The firm is already selling face shields that can be fitted to the neck so as not to mess up a person's hair or makeup when they put on their best clothes.

    (Japanese original by Tetsuya Shoji, Shibukawa Resident Bureau)

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