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Japan Photo Journal: Tree of Light

(Mainichi/Koji Hyodo)

Organizers flipped the switch on a stunning tree-motif light show at the annual Nabana no Sato event in the city of Kuwana, Mie Prefecture, on Oct. 23, 2020. This year's theme, "miracle tree," portrays a majestic and lively tree-and-flowers landscape in colorful LED lights. The display is about 35 meters tall and 155 meters wide. When evening falls, a tree based on the South American Jacaranda appears accompanied by a gradual illumination of surrounding purple-and-blue flowers. The illumination is designed to display a variety of scenery including visuals representing coral reef vistas woven into vibrant undersea colors, as well as soaring sky scenes. A PR official for the event said, "We hope people will come here amid their hardships from the coronavirus crisis, and leave with a bit of energy and hope." The light show opened to the general public on Oct. 24, and will run until May 31, 2021.

    (Japanese original by Noriyoshi Matsumoto, Yokkaichi Bureau)

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